Edinburgh Marina

Hello Charles.

Further to Will’s introduction we’ve put together a couple relevant projects which may be of interest to you and your team at Edinburgh Marina. For our most recent work please visit our website below.


A luxurious coffee table book. Designed to mark the 15th anniversary of Icelands most prestigious and successful film production company. The book is a showcase of Truenorth's epic productions in the context of Iceland's rugged beauty.

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Scottish Event Campus

A case bound book with slip-sleeve. Designed to engage stakeholders, this presentation document needed to encapsulate the future vision and ambition for the Scottish Event Campus.  

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Glasstress White Light | White Heat Book

An international exhibition of creative collaboration with London College of Fashion and Murano Glass Studio for the 55th Venice Biennale. To accompanying the exhibition we created a comprehensive official exhibition book. This included artist profiles, a history of glassmaking at Berengo and the story of collaboration with the London College of Fashion. 

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Discover Truenorth

Guided by local experts with detailed knowledge of Iceland's amazing environments, Discover Truenorth provides intensely personal experiences tailored to each individual. In response, we set out to create a sense of calm and discovery. Simple and evocative text. A stark, minimal aesthetic. Textured papers and breathtaking photography.

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A new brand repositions heritage knitwear manufacturer MACKIE for the premium contemporary market. MACKIE has played a formative part in the Ayrshire textile industry since 1845. Today the factory makes its own wholesale knitwear accessories, undertakes collaborations with retail brands, and designs for prestigious customers.

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