Claire McNaught

Hello Claire.

Further to your request we’ve put together a few relevant projects which may be of interest to you and your team at National Theatre of Scotland. For our most recent work please visit our website below.

Robert Mackie of Scotland

Reflecting contemporary Scotland, our new identity system for MACKIE changed perceptions of this heritage Scottish brand. With the help of a confident logomarque and distinctive thistle motif, we consolidated, modernised and articulated its different strands.

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Scottish Event Campus

SEC is a Glasgow institution and this was a once-in-a generation opportunity to update an iconic brand. Working with multiple stakeholders and internal departments, we reflected the familiar architecture in a clean modern identity system that respects the venue's history as part of the fabric of the city. 

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Graphic Design Festival Scotland

Evolving through the lifespan of of Scotland’s Graphic Design Festival, this identity captured the excitement and dynamism of the event for a specific audience. Inclusive yet provocative, its modular kit of parts could be reconfigured in lots of different ways.

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